Quality Control

The quality of our products is due to the strict control with proper equipments.

1. Dimensionally, the products are controlled in a laboratory, equipped with the following measuring devices:

-WENZEL coordinate measuring machine (1000 x 1600 x 800mm)

-FARO GAGE measuring device (max=650mm)

-TESA micro-hite (hmax=600mm)

-classic instruments (calipers, micrometers)

2. The quality and the traceability of casting batches imply:

- identifying and marking the parts by casting batches and recording the information.

- assessing the chemichal composition using Quantron Magellan spectometer

- melting and casting temperature (digital thermolance)

- metallographic structure analysis (microscope - metallographic image structure‚Üíregistration is SAP)

- mechanical tests: tensile strength, elongation, hardness

- non-destructive control - ultrasonic and penetrant defectoscopy.