The present capacities of Olteanu-Ignatovici foundry is dimensioned for small and medium sized ranges of castings between 0,5 and 300 kg.

Elaborated cast materials:

- nodular iron (EN GJS 420-12; GJS 400-15; GJS 400-18)

- gray iron (EN GJL - 150, - 200, - 250, - 300)

- high and low alloyed iron castings

- cast steel (GE240)

With an annual casting capacity of 400 tons, our foundry has the following main facilities:

1 - two induction medium frequency furnaces for cast iron elaboration (0,5 tons each - AAGES Romania).

2 - molding process based on NO-BAKE technology (IMF-Italy) having:

- one continous mixer for moulding with maximum capacity of 6 tons/hour and conveyor carrier with 6 stations for mould boxes;

- reclamation tower and silos for sand;

- shakeout sistem with pneumatic transport of the sand to the reclamation tower;

- transport lines for molding, mould assembly, pouring and cooling.

3 - two shotblasting chamber machines addapted for our production.

4 - two heat treatment furnaces (stess relieving, normalizing, ferritizing).

5 - foundry's laboratory determine and register for each casted batch the following parameters:

- chemical composition (spectrometer Quantron Magellan);

- mechanical tests (elongation, tensile strength, hardness);

- liquid iron temperature (melting, nodularization, pouring);

- mettalographic structure analyses;

- ultrasonic defctoscopy, penetrant inspection.